Earning Interest

as of 10/29/2022
After depositing your tokens, the pool will mint Htokens and credit you. These Htokens prove that you have supplied assets to Hatom protocol. The system will ask for those Htokens back once you try to withdraw your assets from the supply side.
When you withdraw your deposited tokens, you will receive a higher amount than the amount you started with, proportional to the token’s APY.
APYs in Hatom money markets are floating and not fixed. Rates get updated and can fluctuate within short periods. Rates received by lenders are determined by the rates that the borrowers pay.
For example, if you deposit 10 EGLD with an average APY of 7%. You will notice that your wallet contains 10 EGLD worth of hEGLD in it. Once you withdraw your EGLD after one year, you'll return the hEGLD and receive 10.7 EGLD (your original 10 EGLD plus the 7% APY).