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as of 17/06/2023
Our development team, third-party consultants, and auditors have spent considerable effort, time, and resources to create a safe and reliable Liquidity Protocol. Our highest priority at Hatom is maintaining the protocol's security; thus, all contract codes will be made public, and all the balances will be verifiable. Also, security researchers will receive a Bug Bounty for discovering and reporting vulnerabilities. Hatom Lending Protocol is mainly inspired by the key industry leaders regarding all the protocol basics to provide a solid and secure platform.

Is It Safe to Use Hatom?

At Hatom, we are committed to providing the highest level of security for our users. To achieve this goal, we have implemented a number of measures to ensure the safety and integrity of our protocol.
Firstly, we aim to be the Most Audited Protocol within the MultiversX Blockchain. To make this possible, we have put important resources in place and have partnered with top security firms such as Runtime Verification, Peckshield, Hacken, Certik, and Halborn, Arda and ABDK Consulting.
In addition to security audits, we are also performing, DevSecOps, and Penetration Testing for each of our products before any Mainnet Launch to ensure that every security aspect is dealt with.
To secure our launch, we have also partnered with Runtime Verification to handle the Lending Protocol's Liquidations in a secure and safe manner. The community will also be able to participate, and an initial version will be made public for anyone to participate in protecting the protocol's health.
For users who desire insurance, we’re also exploring partnerships to provide users with the option of buying coverage, which can reimburse their funds in the event of a loss.
We are also implementing our own Safety Plan, which includes a Safety Module to safeguard the protocol against unexpected loss of funds.
To increase our security, we will launch all our products on IPFS. This decentralized method of storing and accessing data helps protect protocols from exploits by providing a decentralized and distributed method for storing and accessing data. IPFS also uses cryptographic hashing to ensure the integrity of the data, making it harder for attackers to tamper with or manipulate the information stored on the network.
Regarding the Hatom Token, we have made it as dump-proof as possible. We have increased the number of VCs as much as possible so that none can have a large stake, and we also made sure it’s vested for +2 years. The Team, Advisors, and Pre-seed Angel investors all agreed to vest tokens for 5 years to prove their long-term commitment.
We are taking a unique approach to attract liquidity and incentivize money markets without relying on Liquidity Mining. Our goal is to create a sustainable structure and increase liquidity through strategic combinations of our products. This approach aims to ensure the longevity and success of our protocol in the long term while protecting the value of our Token.
Our code will be open-source, with many talented developers, including the MVX tech team, who have combed through every line.
We have also put Guardian Bots in place to protect each product in the worst of times from Potential Price Manipulation, Flash Liquidation, and Market Failure. These bots will constantly be improved, adding even more mechanisms to their programs.
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    Please note that this is a beta version of the Hatom Protocol website, which is still undergoing final testing before its official release. Also note that this "Docs section" is still ongoing changes and that this version was only made available to conduct testing, obtain feedback and give our users a glance at the upcoming platform. A final version will be published after the Mainnet launch of the "App."
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    Our Github page is private for security reasons and will only go public once audits, risk assessments, and economic verifications are completed.
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    The Hatom Protocol is made of a set of smart contracts that are deployed on the MultiversX Network. Using the Hatom Protocol or other products of the ecosystem involves various risks, including, but not limited to, losses from smart contract failure or under-collateralization of the protocol. Before using the Hatom Protocol, please review all documentation and achieve a firm understanding of how the protocol operates. AS DESCRIBED IN THE Hatom Labs Terms, THE HATOM PROTOCOL IS PROVIDED "AS IS," AT YOUR OWN RISK, AND WITHOUT WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND