Listing Money Markets

as of 17/06/2023
The addition of new Tokens to the Hatom Ecosystem is a community-driven process that underscores our commitment to decentralization. It typically begins with the discussion of a Proposal through social media platforms.
In this Proposal, several Tokens that could be added to the platform are discussed. After a Proposal has been created and validated, it is then put forward to the Community for voting. This process ensures that the listing of new Tokens is in alignment with the interests and preferences of our users.
The Community members, holding staked HTM Tokens, can cast their votes to decide if they wish to list the proposed Tokens. This mechanism places the decision-making power directly into the hands of our users, allowing them to shape the future of the Hatom Ecosystem. Ultimately, only the Tokens that are secure and viable to be listed, and that receive the most Community support will be considered to the Platform, expanding the array of assets available for lending, borrowing, and staking within the Hatom Ecosystem.