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The Accumulator is a new feature added to the Rewards section of the platform. This feature provides users with an option to claim their rewards in two different forms: either as USDC or as HTM tokens.
If users opt for the HTM option, they can enjoy an additional 5% added to their total rewards. For instance, if a user has $1,000 worth of rewards in USDC and decides to claim them in HTM tokens, they will receive a whopping $1,050 worth of HTM tokens. This is because the original reward amount is increased by 5% when converted to HTM tokens.
When users claim HTM instead of USDC, the exchange process will be facilitated through the AshSwap aggregator. This allows users to specify their preferred slippage rate, ensuring that the exchange only proceeds if it meets their set conditions. This approach ensures a favorable exchange environment, making claiming rewards in HTM more appealing. It also empowers users by giving them control over the swapping conditions, which aligns with the Accumulator's goal of enhancing user rewards while boosting demand for HTM tokens within the platform. The Accumulator has two primary objectives. Firstly, it enables users to maximize their rewards by opting for the HTM option. Secondly, it fuels the use and demand for the HTM token in the platform's ecosystem. When users receive rewards in HTM tokens, it does not result in inflation or dilution for token holders. The USDC rewards are exchanged on the open market for HTM tokens, which are then sent to the user with an extra bonus. This feature not only provides users with superior rewards but also bolsters the demand for HTM tokens in the market. This feature empowers users to decide how they want to claim their rewards while also contributing to the stability and growth of the HTM token within the platform.