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Tuning Hatom Protocol Parameters

as of 17/06/2023
Hatom Governance has the ability to adjust key parameters across all modules within the Hatom Ecosystem. This includes not only the Lending Protocol, but also extends to the Liquid Staking, USH Stablecoin, and any other protocols that have been or will be developed within our platform. Examples of such tunable parameters could be an increase/decrease in the Collateral Factor, augmentation of the Health Factor, adjustment of the Liquidation Incentive, Service Fee in Liquid Staking, etc.
All proposed changes undergo rigorous analysis by the Hatom Team and are then passed onto our trusted partners, who are responsible for risk assessment and Security Audits. This ensures the safety and viability of any proposed alterations to the protocol's parameters.
Substantial changes are then subjected to the In-App Voting Mechanism for community consensus. Only upon receiving community validation are these modifications implemented, thus making Hatom Protocol fully community-driven. This process embodies our commitment to decentralization and the power of community decision-making in shaping the future of the Hatom Ecosystem.