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Hatom Labs

as of 17/06/2023
Hatom Labs, as a growth catalyst for the Hatom Ecosystem, plays a vital role in supporting and funding development teams in creating and sustaining meaningful decentralized finance (DeFi) initiatives around the Hatom Ecosystem. These initiatives include the expansion of the Hatom Ecosystem and the MultiversX Blockchain through financial and technical contributions in the form of incubations, grants, and endorsements.
One of the key ways that Hatom Labs supports development teams is through its incubation program. The program provides teams with the resources and support needed to develop and launch their projects within the MultiversX Ecosystem. This includes funding, mentorship, and access to a network of experienced industry professionals.
In addition, Hatom Labs also offers grants to teams working on projects that align with the overall vision and mission of the Hatom Ecosystem. These grants provide teams with additional funding to help them bring their projects to fruition.
Lastly, Hatom Labs also provides endorsements for projects that have demonstrated strong potential for contributing to the growth and development of the MultiversX Network. These endorsements help increase the visibility and credibility of projects within the ecosystem, which can, in turn, attract more builders and users to the ecosystem.
In summary, Hatom Labs is dedicated to creating a positive and thriving ecosystem around the Hatom Ecosystem and the MultiversX Blockchain. By providing financial and technical support to development teams, Hatom Labs is helping to drive the growth and development of the ecosystem and attract more builders to the platform.
You can access Hatom Labs at: