How to translate ?

as of 17/06/2023
Please follow the following steps to translate the content of the Website and "Docs Section" to your desired language:

Translate "Hatom Protocol":

Click on the Settings button on top of the page
Then click on Language.
Finally, select your preferred language.

Translate "Docs Section":

-On Google Chrome :

Please follow these simple steps.
Then click on your preferred language.
You can also right-click anywhere on the Docs Section and select "Translate".

-On Mozilla Firefox :

To translate the "Docs Section" on Mozilla Firefox, you will need to download a Translation Extension first :
Visit and write "Translate" on the search bar.
Please select one of the extensions and add it to Firefox.
Go to the "Docs Section" and follow these simple steps.
Select the extension on the top of the page to be able to see you translated text.
You can easily change the selected language by following the instructions below.