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How to vote ?

as of 17/06/2023

The Voting Process

The voting process is designed to be user-friendly and straightforward. To participate, navigate to the 'Governance' section and select a pending proposal you wish to vote on. Once you've chosen a proposal, you'll be able to examine its details and stake your HTM Tokens. This step is crucial as your Voting Power is determined by the HTM Tokens staked during the Snapshot taken at the activation of the proposal.
To engage in the voting process, it's important to stake your HTM Tokens in 'Governance' before the proposal goes live. Remember, the quantity of HTM Tokens you stake during the Snapshot determines your Voting Power for that particular proposal. It's worth noting that your Voting Power may vary from one proposal to another, contingent on the amount of HTM Tokens you staked in 'Governance' at the time of each proposal's Snapshot.

Unstaking HTM Tokens During Voting

Yes, you have the freedom to withdraw your HTM Tokens at any time, without any cooldown period. The voting process takes into account the Voting Power you had at the time of the Snapshot for each individual proposal.
The staking period may span a few days, with the Snapshot happening at the very last moment before a proposal becomes active. Provided your tokens are staked at the time the Snapshot is taken, your Voting Power will be considered, even if you staked just a moment before the Snapshot. However, if you withdraw or unstake your tokens before the snapshot is taken, your Voting Power won't be recorded, and you will be ineligible to vote on that proposal.

Increasing Voting Power

The 'Governance' module leverages a Snapshot model to determine Voting Power. This means that staking additional HTM Tokens into 'Governance' after a proposal is already active won't increase your Voting Power for that specific proposal. If you aim to increase your Voting Power for each proposal, ensure you stake your HTM Tokens before the snapshot is taken.

Voting on Multiple Proposals

Absolutely! The 'Governance' module can accommodate an unlimited number of simultaneous proposals. Please note that the Voting Power allocated to each proposal may vary, as it depends on the quantity of HTM Tokens staked in 'Governance' at the time of their respective Snapshots.