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as of 17/06/2023
The HTM Token, forged on the MultiversX Standard Digital Token protocol, is the lifeblood of the Hatom Ecosystem. It serves as an integral cog in the Governance Machinery of Hatom's expansive network, facilitating a perpetual decision-making process that fuels the Hatom Protocol and every product outlined in our roadmap. This Roadmap encompasses an array of initiatives such as the Lending Protocol, Liquid Staking, Hatom USD, Staking Module, Safety Module, Hatom Isolated Pools, among others.
But the role of the Token surpasses mere transactional functions; it equips our community to steer key developments within the Ecosystem. Community members can have a direct say in decisions related to innovative features, listing policies, and other system upgrades. By contributing to these decisions, our community helps shape a DeFi Ecosystem that stays at the forefront of the curve. This democratic exercise empowers the Hatom Token holders to mould a future that resonates with their vision for decentralized finance.

Benefits for the token holders

The HTM Token extends an invitation for active participation within the Hatom Ecosystem. As the linchpin in our Governance Structure, the HTM Token paves the way for a genuinely community-driven ecosystem. It gives community members the agency to decide on vital aspects of the ecosystem, including potential upgrades, integrations of new features, or listing of forthcoming tokens.
In addition, a specific part of the revenue generated by the Hatom Ecosystem will be channelled into a Staking Module in the future. This feature will allow community members to stake their Hatom Tokens and earn a share of revenues that the ecosystem generates from various sources like the Lending Protocol, Liquid Staking, USH the Stablecoin, Leverage Staking, Isolated Lending Pools and much more. This revenue sharing model endows our users with a sense of proprietorship over the Hatom Protocol during their staking period, akin to traditional shareholder privileges.
Encompassing the highest revenue-generating protocols in DeFi, which form the backbone of any blockchain DeFi architecture, the HTM Token is set to emerge as one of the most influential tokens in Governance. Its future capability to distribute dividends to its holders adds a unique dimension to its appeal. Anyone accumulating HTM will have the opportunity to earn a share of the profits generated by the most lucrative protocol on the MultiversX Blockchain.
Further, HTM Token holders can fortify an additional security layer within the protocol by depositing their HTM Tokens in the Safety Module. In return, they will be rewarded with incentives in the form of HTM Tokens, initially sourced from the open market using a fraction of the protocol's revenue.
HTM will also be integrated within our Lending Application in the near future. This will allow users to both supply and borrow HTM, creating a dynamic lending market around the token.

HTM Buy-back Module

Hatom establishes itself as a leading-edge DeFi ecosystem that uniquely emphasizes attracting liquidity through organic and sustainable practices, without resorting to liquidity mining or ephemeral incentives. Our holistic suite of products is designed to function synergistically, thereby offering multiple revenue streams for our users.
The revenue generated from an array of sources will be methodically funnelled into our Lending Protocol and other products. It will then be redistributed among various money markets like sEGLD, USDC, USDT, and BUSD. We prioritize the stability and growth of our ecosystem by incorporating a buy-back module, which converts Hatom's revenue entirely into HTM Tokens. These HTM Tokens then serve as incentives for our esteemed users.
Our approach mirrors a Delta Neutral strategy, which generates significant buying pressure on HTM Tokens before distributing them. This ensures that even if all users who receive HTM Tokens decide to liquidate them, the token price stays stable. Consequently, HTM Token holders reap benefits as the value of HTM witnesses an appreciable uptick.