as of 17/06/2023
Hatom's on-chain Governance deploys a mechanism that empowers holders of the "HTM Token" to cast votes for protocol changes directly on the blockchain. This system was designed to afford individual users greater influence in the Governance process. Under this structure, Governance proposals are disseminated among the community through polls and, upon securing the requisite votes for ratification, are subsequently executed. On-chain Governance mechanisms are widely employed across DeFi platforms. To earn voting rights or the ability to make a proposal, you typically must hold a specified quantity of "HTM tokens".
The Hatom Protocol Team consistently gathers feedback, which is used to create tailored polls that align with the community's needs and preferences, allowing for continual App upgrades.
Once the polls are assembled and displayed in the voting section within the "App", the community is granted a period of 2-3 days to cast their votes and determine whether the proposed features should be implemented.
If the votes yield a favorable outcome, the proposed feature will be integrated into the Hatom Protocol in the ensuing days, reflecting the community's active participation in shaping the platform's development.