Price Oracle Selection
as of 06/02/2022
The Open Price Feed accounts for price data for the Hatom Protocol. The protocol's Controller contract uses it as a source of truth for prices. Prices are updated by Maiar DEX Price Feeds. The codebase is hosted on GitHub and maintained by the community.
The Hatom Protocol uses a View contract ("Price Feed") which verifies that reported prices fall within an acceptable bound of the time-weighted average price of the token/EGLD pair on Maiar DEX. For the moment, the Maiar Dex is the unique trusted price provider on the Elrond Blockchain. Multiple sanity checks would be possible when more trusted price providers arise and release "mature versions" on the Elrond blockchain, such as the upcoming Price feeds of "Chainlink" and "Band protocol".
The Maiar Dex Price Feeds submit prices for each hToken through an individual ValidatorProxy contract. Each ValidatorProxy is the only valid reporter for the underlying asset price. The arrangements can be found on-chain as follows:
  • To be determined.
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