How do I payback the loan ?

as of 10/29/2022
You can pay back your loan by going to the 'Borrowings section' of your Dashboard, selecting the asset you have borrowed, and clicking on the repay button. Select the amount you want to pay back and confirm the transaction.
When repaying your total loan, you may find some "Dust" left from the loan that you still need to repay. It has been generated while you were paying back your loan as the interest gets accrued every second.
You can remove that dust by clicking on the "Max" button and making sure that the "Repay Dust" box is selected. A transaction with a slightly higher amount than what is due will be sent, the total of your loan will be repaid, and the small difference left will be sent back to your wallet during the same transaction.
For example:
-Let's suppose that you want to repay your loan of 10.1 EGLD.
-You will go to the "Repay" section, click on "Max" and make sure that the "Remove Dust" box is selected.
-Once you click on "Repay", a transaction of around 10.1101 EGLD will be sent.
-After you confirm the transaction in your wallet, your total loan will be paid, and you will receive back approximately 0,0101 EGLD in your wallet.