Staking Module

as of 17/06/2023
The HTM Token lies at the very core of the Hatom ecosystem, embodying significant value and utility. It finds use across various segments of the ecosystem including:
As the ecosystem encapsulates the most revenue-generating protocols in DeFi - the backbone of any blockchain DeFi architecture - the HTM Token is poised to become the most influential tokens in Governance. With its future capability to distribute dividends to its holders, anyone accumulating HTM will have the opportunity to earn a share of the profits generated by the most lucrative protocol on the MultiversX blockchain.
The Staking Module is the first component that lends substantial value to the HTM Token. Stakers of the HTM Token will earn a proportion of the ecosystem revenue, based on the quantity of tokens they have staked. This module will be supported by multiple revenue streams, including:
  • The Lending Protocol: A fraction of the interest paid by borrowers and the proceeds from Liquidations. The rewards will be disbursed in the form of various tokens supported on Hatom's Lending Protocol (e.g., EGLD, sEGLD, MEX, USDC, USDT, BUSD, UTK, and HTM).
  • Liquid Staking: A portion of the Staking service fee earned by the protocol, received in the form of EGLD.
In addition to these, forthcoming sources of income for HTM Stakers will also be distributed through the Staking Module:
  • Leveraged Liquid Staking: A portion of the Streaming fee.
  • USH, Native Stablecoin: A portion of the Minting fee.
  • Hatom Isolated Pools: A share of the Set-up fees and revenue from all isolated lending protocols.
HTM Token holders, by staking their tokens on the Staking Module, will be able to receive a portion of the revenue from all the above sources in a sustainable and continuous manner. This makes HTM not only a token of influence within the Hatom ecosystem, but also a potentially valuable asset for its holders.