Visionary Roadmap

as of 11/30/2022
The Hatom Team continuously works on developing the lending protocol and adding new tokens following the governance program. In addition to that, we also aim to provide the MultiversX Blockchain community with a variety of new services and products that will be integrated gradually through the Hatom platform. The roadmap below will give you more details about Hatom Team's plan for the next quarters and show you where we're headed.

Q3 2022

Hatom Lending Protocol

Hatom will develop a complete decentralized, Lending Protocol on the MultiversX Blockchain, that allows users to lend and borrow their crypto assets in an over-collateralized manner.
Status: Ideation: (done) 2. UI/UX Front-end: (done) 3. SC's Development: (done).

Liquidation Bot V1

Creation of a first version of the liquidation bot that will facilitate the participation in the liquidation process of inexperienced users.
Status: Ideation: (done) 2. Development: (done).

Hatom Token Staking

Hatom will integrate a staking platform where a percentage of Hatom's lending network revenue will be shared among users staking their tokens into a specific staking yield. Users will be able to earn a passive income like shareholders.
When staking their Hatom Tokens, users will earn rewards in EGLD, USDC, MEX, and HTM
Status: Ideation: (done) 2. UI/UX Front-end: (done) 3. SC's Development: (done).

Governance Module

Hatom will integrate a Governance Module allowing holders of the HTM Token to become key participants in the Governance Process.
HTM Token holders will decide about the main system upgrades such as the tokens to be added, the features to be integrated, and more.
Status: Ideation: (done) 2. UI/UX Front-end: (done) 3. SC's Development: (done).

Q4 2022

"TheGraph" Similar Microservice

Hatom will develop its own infrastructure similar to "TheGraph" to take care of the front-end interactions.
The microservice will support at least 300 requests per second and have a maximum capacity of up to 100,000 users at the same time.
Status: Ideation: (done) 2. Development: (doing)

Hatom V2 Design

Launch of a redesigned and more advanced version of the Hatom Platform. Positioning Hatom as a « DeFi Hub » with multiple products such as a Lending app, a Liquid Staking Module, a Staking Module, a Safety Module, a Stablecoin, a decentralized Bridge, and a Treasury module, each with its unique features and functionalities.
Status: Ideation: (done) 2. UI/UX Front-end: (done) 3. Integration:(doing).

Q1 2023

"HTM" Token Generation Event

We intend to launch the Hatom token through the MaiarLaunchpad, which is a strategic growth engine for projects using MultiversX. A maximum of 100 million tokens will be generated during the Token Generation Event. It will be split through different allocations and a portion will be used to create a liquidity pool. The distributed tokens will be subject to multiple lock periods and vesting schedules. They showcase our willingness and long-term commitment to creating a healthy token economy.

Hatom Liquid Staking

Liquid staking is a feature meant to increase the protocol's liquidity and allow users to benefit from both the validator's yields and the lending protocol's yields. Users will be able to delegate their EGLD to the nodes of Hatom's chosen validators and earn a staking APY. They will also receive sEGLD that they can supply to the lending protocol to earn an additional yield. sEGLD will also have its Liquidity Pool on the Maiar Dex.
Status: Ideation: (done) 2. UI/UX Front-end: (done) 3. SC's Development: (not started yet).

Hatom Safety Module

Hatom token holders will have the possibility to stake their Hatom tokens in a Safety Module and earn high APY. The Safety Module acts as a security layer to the protocol. In case of an unfortunate shortfall event, up to 30% of the staking liquidity can be used to cover the deficit.
Status: Ideation: (done) 2. UI/UX Front-end: (done) 3. SC's Development: (done).

Liquidation Bot V2

Hatom will update the Liquidation Bot V1 to a more complex version and will also create a complete Liquidation Dashboard that will make it more accessible to users to take care of liquidations and track their account's health.

Q2 2023

Hatom dApp SDK

Implementation of Hatom dApp SDK providing easy-to-use methods to interact with the Hatom Protocol.

HatomUSD "USH" Stablecoin

Introducing an over-collateralized decentralized stablecoin on the MultiversX Blockchain, USH or HatomUSD will be created by borrowers. As with all borrowing on the Hatom Protocol, a user must supply collateral (at a specific collateral ratio) to be able to mint USH. When a user repays a borrow position (or is liquidated), the protocol burns that user’s USH. All the interest payments accrued by minters of USH would be directly transferred to the Hatom Protocol’s treasury; rather than the standard reserve factor collected when users borrow other assets.
USH will significantly bootstrap LPs which in return help mitigate lending liquidations easily, Add more competition for the stablecoin borrowing, reduce capital inefficiency that stablecoins suffer from, and generate extra revenue for both the protocol and its users.

Integration of Synthetic Tokens

Integration of pegged tokens like ETH, BTC, DAI, etc. Pegged tokens are tokens where the price is designed to remain the same as a designated asset.
Note that:
  1. 1.
    Hatom Staking Module, Hatom Safety Module, Liquid Staking, and HatomUSD will be integrated to consolidate the lending protocol as they will be all interconnected.

Q3 2023


Syfy is a novel and innovative Defi 2.0 solution that provides Protocol-Controlled Liquidity to empower and build the new generation of DeFi products. By combining multiple tools, Syfy will drastically increase the volume and the adoption of the whole ecosystem.

Hatom Mush

Hatom will create Mush, a Permissionless Liquidity Pools service that will allow anyone to create Isolated Lending Markets on Hatom Protocol.

Q4 2023

Hatom Treasury Module

Introduction of the Hatom Treasury Program, where users will be able to deposit their Fiat Currency and earn interest without any of the complexities of crypto.
Status: Ideation: (done) 2. UI/UX Front-end: (doing) 3. SC's Development: (not started yet).

Governance Delegation Module

The Governance Delegation Module will be integrated into the Governance program enabling all Hatom holders to delegate their votes.

Hatom Risk DAO (to be discussed in due time)

We are creating a Risk DAO that will seek to provide committed and professional risk analysis to support the Hatom Protocol and help the community mitigate risk and take advantage of new opportunities with greater confidence.
This DAO will also make Hatom Protocol fully decentralized.

Q1 2024

Integrating FlashLoans On MultiversX

Hatom anticipates that the MultiversX Blockchain will be hosting multiple decentralized exchanges. To keep up with the growth, we plan to bring Flash Loans, which represent a new form of uncollateralized lending, to MultiversX ecosystem. This will open the door to numerous economic possibilities.

Hatom LP Money Market On MultiversX

Introduction of LP Money Market to the MultiversX Blockchain. Users who have staked their crypto assets will be able to deposit their liquidity pool tokens in the Hatom Lending Protocol to earn interest. They can also use them as collateral to take loans.

Q2-Q3 2024

Create Defi Lego Builder On MultiversX

Hatom seeks to develop its own DeFi lego builder-an optimized tool that uses the drag and drop mechanism that will enable people without any coding experience to use flash loans.
You can simply select your desired inputs and broadcast your strategy in a single transaction. Transactions are sent out through secret channels to prevent front-runners from copying other users’ ideas.

Q4 2024

Create the Hatom mobile app

The launch of the Hatom mobile app will combine and feature all the products and services that Hatom has created in line with its roadmap.

R&D Projects (To be confirmed)

The projects below require R&D phases and may be started at any given point during the Roadmap.

Hatom EVM Expansion P1

Hatom aspires to create a Lending Network by expanding its field of activity to the Ethereum Blockchain and the numerous EVM-compatible Blockchains such as Polygon, Avalanche, and Binance Smart Chain. Through the Governance program, the community decides on the Blockchain that will be integrated first. We believe that by integrating the tokens missing from the established competitors, coupled with our slick interface and the protocol's innovative features, and more importantly, by bringing better yields, Hatom will carve out a significant share from other markets.
We plan to make Hatom Protocol cross-chained with an increasing number of networks in the foreseeable future

Hatom EVM Expansion P2

Hatom intends to expand its field of activity by creating a lending protocol on the Cronos, Fantom, and Celo networks, in addition to the Solana Blockchain. The community will vote on which blockchain will be integrated first. This will contribute to achieving Hatom’s end goal of creating a Cross-chain lending protocol that will allow users to deposit an asset on a given blockchain and take a loan on a different one.
Note that:
  1. 1.
    The Hatom EVM Expansion has been delayed as we might focus solely on the MultiversX Blockchain.


The Launch of the Hatom bridge, which will use the Atomic Swap technology, thus making it possible to instantly trade native assets on different blockchains in a decentralized manner and with no risks.
Status: Ideation: (done) 2. UI/UX Front-end: (done) 3. SC's Development: (delayed).

ADA/NEO N3 Integration

The Hatom Team will go through a Research and Development phase around the Cardano and the NEO blockchains to expand its network and provide their communities with their first decentralized lending protocol.

Lending Protocol Integration for MultiversX NFTs

The Hatom Team will go through a Research and Development phase to create the first MultiversX NFT Money Market and make it possible to supply NFTs and collateralize them to take loans.

First Cross-Chain Lending Protocol

The integration of the first Cross-Chain Lending Protocol will provide tremendous economic opportunities to the vast majority of blockchain users. It will allow them to supply and borrow assets across different blockchains. For example, you will be able to provide ETH on the Ethereum blockchain and take out a loan in the form of EGLD on the MultiversX blockchain. This innovative service will make DeFi lending more inclusive.
Note that:
  1. 1.
    More products and services are planned (for ex: interoperable lending protocols) but have prerequisites and will require more time.