as of 11/30/2022
Hatom will launch the "Hatom Token", which will run natively on the MultiversX blockchain and function as a utility token, making it the fuel of the governance system and at the core of multiple Hatom Labs services. A supply of one hundred million tokens will be created.

Token metrics

-20% of Hatom tokens will be issued for a Private Sale, and twenty million tokens will be sold to strategic and financial investors in the blockchain space.
-5% of Hatom tokens will be sold during a Public Sale. This sale is to provide tokens to Hatom's early believers and supporters.
-The Treasury allocation is 17% and will be reserved for unpredicted expenses that might surge.
-The Team allocation will be 15% of the Hatom token supply. It incentivizes the current and future team members for their determination and engagement in revolutionizing the MultiversX Blockchain by rewarding them; the allocation will be fully unlocked in 5 years.
-7.5% will be allocated to the Angel investor, who invested in a Pre-seed Round. Initially, he held 10% equity in the company and then agreed to convert his equity stake into Token allocation. The allocation is also vested like the Team for 5 years. -17% of the Hatom token will be allocated to the Ecosystem, which is mainly dedicated to adoption and growth; we will be able to fulfill our vision by building multiple products and services (as stated on our Roadmap) and allocate grants to developers building on top of us. This will permit Hatom Protocol to take the lead and become a "DeFi Hub".
-An allocation of 17% will be reserved for Liquidity. These tokens will be used for liquidity pools on DEXes and for CEXes listings.
-1.5% will be reserved for Advisors. Key ambassadors, advisors, and partners who participated in the development of the protocol.
Disclaimer: Hatom Protocol's philosophy is against liquidity mining, and we aim to create a strong ecosystem with organic and sustainable strategies. The community allocation won't distribute HTM tokens for free as rewards; this strategy, as we've seen, is only hurting long-term investors and doesn't guarantee a sustainable and long-term strategy. Fortunately, we have combined multiple novel methods that will create tremendous growth organically.

Use of funds

-The following section covers the envisioned use of the Private and Public Sale funds by Hatom Labs AG after deducting any applicable tax payments, fees, or setup costs:
-Around 55% of the funds will be solely dedicated to the development of the Hatom platform and new services, which includes team expansion, research and development phases, and creation of new features, or any cost related to the upgrade, improvement, or implementation of new services.
-Approximately 35% of the funds will be reserved for the security aspects of the platform, which includes security audits and monitoring of the platform and its services.
-About 10% of the funds will be assigned to the Marketing side of the project, which includes but is not limited to ads, events, promotions, and diverse actions aimed at increasing the platform's popularity and expanding its community.

Unlock & vesting

To incentivize long-term investments into Hatom, an unlock mechanism and vesting period have been implemented. This implementation aims to reflect the dedication, engagement, and commitment of all partners involved in Hatom’s ecosystem. You can find below a clear and detailed token vesting schedule:

Circulating supply graph

This graph intends to showcase the initial distribution of the Hatom token at its launch and throughout its lifecycle.