Development Roadmap

as of 12/04/2022
This Roadmap covers the actual, previous, and future tasks for creating the decentralised Hatom protocol lending platform. This section is dedicated to the follow-up of the advancement of the Hatom project on a real-time basis. It outlines all tasks required to ensure that pre-launch, launch, and post-launch tactics are successfully executed.

Phase 1: Ideation and UI Development ✅.

as of 12/04/2022
Competitors research. ✅
Product ideation: defining materials, features, and user interface. ✅
Secured enough funding to deliver a final product. ✅
Creation of a UI development team (composed of 2D/3D designers and front-end integrators). ✅
Defining and validating the User flow. ✅
Design propositions and confirmation of the design system. ✅
Creation of all the pages of the site and the application. ✅
Premium domain name acquisition. ✅
Front-end integration. ✅
Partnership with a blockchain development firm (RatherLabs). ✅

Phase 2: Inception .

as of 12/04/2022
- Detailed review of the implementation of Compound protocol, including parameters and security features. ✅
- Understanding all the mechanisms in Compound such as:
1. Liquidations. ✅
2. Governance. ✅
3. Pricing oracles. ✅
4. Borrowing. ✅
5. Lending. ✅
6. Rewarding mechanisms (bounties, etc..). ✅
- Transpolate Compound's design to MultiversX, identifying all the key points that might differ given to differences in the nature of the two different blockchains. ✅
- Review the critical vulnerabilities reported in the multiple audits made to Compound and come up with fixes specific to the MultiversX environment. ✅
- Document differences between Compound Ethereum-based & MultiversX theoretical implementation to ease the onboarding of solidity/Ethereum developers that might want to work or interact with MultiversX Protocol. ✅
- Contracts design. ✅
- Have a clear understanding of similarities and differences between the Compound's architecture and a realistic approach in MultiversX. ✅
- Design MultiversX contracts with parallelisms between blockchain implementation standards (for example, using MultiversX standard fungible token implementation, trying to replicate ERC20's functionalities in Compound). ✅
- Propose optimizations over Compound's protocol leveraging differences of the MultiversX blockchain (for example, MultiversX supports natively fungible tokens). ✅
- Definition of practices to mitigate application-specific security issues. ✅
- Design of the governance/voting contracts: ✅
1. Computing voting power. ✅
2. Creating on-chain yes/no proposals (only for Hatom executives). ✅
3. On-chain voting. ✅
- Writing the design documentation. ✅

Phase 3: Development & Testing ⌛.

as of 12/04/2022
- Writing of MultiversX smart contracts in Rust:
1. Money Markets (Analogous of CTokens in Compound). ✅
2. Controllers (Analogous to Comptrollers). ✅
3. Governance (Custom development, not analogous to standard GovernanceComp). ✅
4. Oracles smart contract. ✅
5. Interest Rate Model. ✅
6. Rewarding mechanism with the ability to provide up to two reward tokens to lenders and borrowers. ✅
7. Accomplishing similar test coverage to Compound's smart contracts (to a degree). In progress, several have already been done
8. Writing deployment scripts. Various have already been done
9. Web3 integrations with MultiversX wallet for all actions such as:
  • Building transactions. (Mint, Enter Market, Exit Market, Redeem, Borrow, Repay Borrow) ✅
  • Connection of wallet. ✅
  • Querying the blockchain for balances, staked balance, borrow & lending rates. ✅
  • Estimating transaction fees (if possible, when needed). ✅
  • Executing transactions in the background, showing notifications for errors & success. ✅
10. Development of a simple liquidation script for helping developers develop their liquidation bots. ✅
11. Deployment & testing of all the smart contracts in the Devnet. ✅
12. Development of the Staking Yield smart contract: ✅
13. Integration of MultiversX Chainlink Price Oracle and creating a SC for the Price-Average:
- Deployment & testing in the Devnet. ✅
14. Development of a similar service to "TheGraph" microservice on MultiversX: ✅
- Deployment & testing in the Devnet. ✅
15. Development of the Safety Module: ✅
- Deployment & testing in the Devnet. ⌛
16. Development of Liquid Staking in collaboration with MultiversX: ⌛
- Deployment & testing in the Devnet. ⌛

Phase 4: Documentation & Auditing: Undetermined (Most audits are timelines are set, but it depends on how much time the tests will take.)

as of 12/04/2022
- Writing of the technical documentation on the public Gitbook page :
1. Providing extensive documentation to all the Smart contracts. ⌛
2. Writing of tuning parameters documentation. ⌛
3. Liquidation bot functionalities ✅
+ Proper documentation to get started using it. ⌛
- Audit of the Lending Protocol and the Staking Yield. ✅
1. Providing support to the security audits. ✅
2. Fixing critical & high-security vulnerabilities. ✅
- Audit and risk assessments for the new Price Oracle ✅ , Graph ⌛, Safety Module ⌛, and Liquid staking separately ⌛

Phase 5: Web3 Interface - Deployment & Testing .

as of 12/04/2022
- Deployment in Devnet. ✅
*Lending protocol ✅
1. Set of contracts (controllers, oracles, etc..). ✅
2. Initial money markets. ✅
3. Hatom governance token. ⌛
4. Liquidity pool in existing exchange to acquire Hatom token. ⌛
5. Reservoir and funding with tokens. ✅
- Configure all required contracts to a functioning state. ✅
- Development of scripts: ✅
1. New money markets. ✅
2. Funding reservoir. ✅
3. Incentivizing specific money markets. ✅
4. Configuring Rewards distributing rate. ✅
*Staking Yield smart contract. ✅
*Safety Module smart contract. ⌛
*Liquid Staking smart contract. ⌛

Phase 6: Mainnet launch and Token sale ⌛.

as of 12/04/2022
- Maiar launchpad.
- Mainnet deployment.
- Marketing and PR campaigns.
- Deployment in Mainnet of the lending Protocol.
Note that: this list is not exhaustive and that more tasks are performed internally but not disclosed publicly.
Disclaimer: timelines are just rough estimations and should not be considered as confirmed information.