Benefits for the ecosystem
as of 06/02/2022
The Hatom token will be the key factor in the governance mechanism. It will enable the lending protocol to be 100% community-driven. The community will be deciding which upgrade should be added, what feature should be integrated, or what token they want to list next.
Also, a certain percentage of Hatom lending protocol revenue has been dedicated to a Staking Yield. Our community will be able to stake their Hatom tokens and earn interest in the form of the multiple available assets on the lending protocol. Our users will somehow feel like shareholders of the Hatom protocol during their staking period.
Owners of the Hatom token can also participate in creating an additional security layer to the protocol by depositing their Hatom tokens in the Safety Module. In exchange, they will earn high APY in the form of HTM tokens.
The Hatom team aims to constantly expand the Hatom token use cases over the coming years.
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