Price Oracle Selection

as of 10/29/2022
The Open Price Feed accounts for price data for the Hatom Protocol. The protocol's Controller contract uses it as a source of truth for prices. Prices are updated by Maiar DEX Price Feeds. The codebase is hosted on GitHub and maintained by the community.
The Hatom Protocol uses a View contract ("Price Feed") which verifies that reported prices fall within an acceptable bound of the time-weighted average price of the token/EGLD pair on Maiar DEX.
The oracle module fetches prices from 3 sources: Maiar Reserves, Maiar SafePrice, and Chainlink Price. Maiar Reserves returns the instant ratio between token reserves and EGLD reserves in the pair pool. Maiar SafePrice computes the TWAP(time-weighted average price) of a Maiar pair pool. Chainlink Price fetches the price from off-chain sources.
The oracle module compares the Maiar DEX with Chainlink Price. If two prices are within a tolerance range, Maiar DEX is recorded and returned. Otherwise, the price from the previous query is used, and guardian_price_event is generated.
The Chainlink Price Feeds submit prices for each Htoken through an individual ValidatorProxy contract. Each ValidatorProxy is the only valid reporter for the underlying asset price.