Liquid Staking
as of 08/03/2022
Liquid Staking is a module that allows users to stake their EGLD without locking up its value.
Users can delegate their EGLD to Hatom’s chosen validators node to secure the network, and receive a peg token called Staked EGLD (sEGLD), an interest-bearing version of EGLD that can be used within Decentralized Finance Apps such as Automated Market Makers (AMMs) and Lending Protocols.
Liquid staking allows users to earn interest from staking EGLD with validators while having sEGLD that they can supply in the Hatom Lending Protocol.
Users will no longer have to choose between delegating their EGLD to the validators or supplying them to the Hatom Lending protocol; they can do both and combine the rewards.
Staked EGLD (sEGLD) will have its own liquidity pool in the Maiar Dex, providing stakers quick access to their staked funds.
P.S: Liquid Staking will be made in collaboration with the Elrond Team.
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