as of 10/29/2022
Hatom on-chain governance uses a mechanism that enables Holders of the "Hatom Token" to vote for protocol changes directly on the blockchain. It was developed to give individual users more influence in the governance process. In this system, governance proposals are shared among the community through polls and executed if they receive the required votes to be ratified. Defi platforms broadly use on-chain governance mechanisms. To earn the right to vote or make a proposal, you typically must hold specific amounts of "Hatom token’'.
Hatom protocol’s team continuously collects feedback and uses it to create specific polls to match the community's needs and upgrade the app according to the community preferences.
Once the polls are created and listed in the vote section in the "App", the community will be given 2-3 days to vote and decide whether to implement these features.
If the votes are favorable, the feature will be implemented and added to the Hatom Protocol in the following days.