How to vote ?

as of 10/29/2022
The voting process is simple. You have to go to the vote section in the "App" and select the active proposal you want to vote for.
Once selected, you can see the proposal details and choose to vote for or against it.
To vote, you need to hold Hatom tokens in your wallet.
The amount of Hatom tokens you hold defines your voting power.

Can I move my "Hatom tokens" while the vote is in progress?

You can move your tokens as long as the amount you keep in the wallet used to vote is equal to or higher than the number of tokens used to vote. Reducing your deposited token amount below the number of tokens used for voting would cancel your vote.

Can I increase my voting power?

Yes, you can increase your voting power by depositing more tokens in your wallet.

How do I change my vote?

You can easily change your vote by following the steps above and casting your desired vote. Your previous vote will automatically be canceled.